Dodson Management Consulting

We deliver: A strategic assessment of your company, then offer viable options to improve the organization and ultimately the value of your company. We apply a proven process to address the leading concerns, discover opportunities and then provide the best alternatives. Finally, we give you a plan to accomplish the ideal and best results for your company that is within your budget.

Our Focus: Offering a company an outside third party view point; then organizing and helping the company achieve accelerated growth and performance. We use practices widely accepted by Fortune 500 companies, but DMC offers a version of this process tailored for your business.

The Goal: Get your assets or investment capital to their highest and best use – as QUICKLY as possible. We get your organization to a place where it performs better, measurably, using what you have, but applying principles, ideal process management tools, the best PARTNER network and a disciplined approach to make sure you get there quickly.

Accelerating assets to their highest and best use… faster than you can on your own.

Strategic Audit of your firm.

There is a disciplined process to successful management for every business – DodsonMC provides it. Most often you only need a little organization, cross functional communication and some outside leadership to accelerate results. When we use our process what needs to be done becomes intuitive instead of personal. Our process works for every business situation.

Industrial Automation & Manufacturing

We provide examples of how world class firms handle situations and problems, but tailor the solution to your business and your needs. We benchmark you against the others, and then show you to plan to improve.

Sales and Marketing Leadership

Do you have a sales and marketing problem? We show you how Fortune 500 sales and marketing managers approach it. It is a disciplined process, and when followed it drives results. We will show you how we track the ROI along the way. Large sales and marketing pursuits are managed using value selling and our process which defines actions that are more about a long term value proposition for customers instead of selling products. Also, enabled by DodsonMCs Partners, when you engage with us you will have an outsourced Sales and Marketing team that can offer a long list of success stories and then a sales and marketing campaign that will accomplish BIG results.


We provide a disciplined approach to the initial organization, team development and business communications flow. It is the business communications flow that is the MOST important and it starts with proper organization. From there the key for us is how are we measuring the results in a way that is accountable?

Small Business Ownership

Nothing is more valuable than learning from others who have been in your shoes. It is extremely valuable to know how other businesses solve problems. Do you know where you should focus your time versus allowing others to help you? Often, it is just better to partner with a firm that will give you direct feedback – straight-talk, and then empower you to outperform the others. Our most common approach is survey your clients, external forces, staff and key players so you see a valuable “real time” and “third-party” perspective of what your business is facing, and then we offer how to improve upon it.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Partnerships

Often the most costly and risky way to start a business is doing it from scratch. Why not leverage what others have already done? We provide a process that helps you evaluate smart mergers, acquisitions and partnerships to accomplish accelerated growth of your business.